Parhaat raketit tukun hintaan



Cakes fill all the safety requirements and are fabulous. They are a very popular and well liked product. Cakes consist of many tubes connected with a fuse in to each other. Therefore it is easy to light in one go and immediately you have created your very own fireworks show.


Rockets are the ultimate classics. Packages consist of rockets with various effects and the sky will be full of colours and shapes. We have collected the greatest shapes, sizes and colours into our packages. Besides packages we also sell individual giant rockets.


Toughest airbombs and the greatest bangs! Airbombs are loud and explode in the sky forming a amazing star pattern. Our collection includes thunders and other fierce items!

Youth Favorites

Here are the banging and cracking small bombs! Whether you are looking for grenades, firecrackers, spinning tops or roman candles we have it.

Fountains & assortment

Fountains are stunning classics which sprinkle a long-lasting and amazing light shower into the sky. In our assortments we have collected the most popular firecrackers such as the chinese firecrackers, granades, butterflies, tanks and other small products.


Here you can find all the new products!

Quiet products

Do you want to avoid making noise? Are your pets afraid of loud noises? Here you can find the most silent products which will not scare off the most sensitive audience. These products are also available in other product cathegories.


Use fireworks safely and remember the goggles!